Complete oral care

In just one pop

Soluble Film On The Outside

Each poppit is sealed in a food-grade soluble film that melts in your mouth. It dissolves in water and is naturally biodegradable. It is used in other personal care and food applications.

Toothpaste Pod

Gel Toothpaste on the Inside

Inside each poppit is a correct dose of minty gel toothpaste, as recommended by dentists. Perfecto!

We salute you for doing your toothpaste research

Here are some questions we get asked a lot, and some we never get asked but thought would be fun to include.

Our edible food-grade film is made of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH). It is safe, GRAS-certified by the FDA, environmentally friendly and is used in other nutrition supplements and food products. It dissolves completely in water and naturally breaks down into water and carbon dioxide. It does not persist in the environment, contaminate the recycliing stream nor contribute to micro-plastic pollution. Every ingredient of the edible film is listed on our packaging and under the nutrition label.

Poppits are proudly made here in the USA from ingredients sourced here too. Our packaging materials are globally sourced and packed here in the US.

Nope. Poppits are made in a US facility that doesn’t deal with any other products that contain allergens, so there’s no potential for cross-contamination.

Yep they’re vegan. Never tested on animals. (Although if animals had been involved, they would have exceptionally fresh breath.)

Plastic toothpaste tubes are made of multi-layer plastic that cannot be recycled. It doesn’t biodegrade and pollutes the environment for hundreds of years.
Aluminum is a natural element and is infinitely recyclable. It is rust-proof and is the most abundant metal on Earth.