Make “go brush your teeth” 100 times more fun.

Ahhh, kids. You love them (mostly) but you often find yourself wondering how they can make your bathroom look like a battlefield.

Enter, a knight in shining fresh-breath film: Kids Poppits.


“I really look forward to brushing my teeth every day!”

-Said no kid ever.

Until Poppits.

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Fun Flavors

Sometimes, mint is simply too gross for kids with good taste.

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Bright colors

What’s more exciting to look at than a plastic tube? Many, many things — including a brightly colored Poppit.

Fun experience

Watch your kid’s face light up as they pop a Poppit in their mouth and it bursts to release a fresh fruity gel.

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Perfect dosage

Each poppits contains just the right amount of toothpaste, as recommended by dentists.

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No Mess

No squeezing. No tubes. No mess.

poppits safe toothpaste pods


No more plastic tubes ending up in a landfill. Our aluminum packaging is recyclable and our cardboard is both recyclable and biodegradable.

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Kids Poppits® are fluoride-free and formulated to help reduce plaque, cleans surface stains, freshens breath and promotes good oral health.

Good. Clean. Fun.

Fluoride version and other flavors coming soon.

Bubblegum flavor pods

Toothpaste Pods

  • Reduces plaque
  • Fruity bubblegum taste
  • Dentist-recommended amount of toothpaste in each pod
  • Fun to use